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Frequently Asked Questions



Why handmade soap?

Store-bought soaps contain detergents and are technically not classified as soap at all! True soap is simply the emulsification of oils and butter. Commercial soaps are usually not that and tend to be extremely drying and irritating to the skin.


How long will my handmade soap bar last? 

We utilize ingredients that will make a firm yet moisture packed bar of soap. Our bars are cured for weeks, so you'll receive 100% pure soap, without any water weight! On average, each bar will last about a month with daily use. Remember to use a draining soap dish to prevent soggy soap and maximize its life span.


What if my soap has imperfections?

Handcrafted soap is processed and cut by hand; thus, no two bars will be exactly alike. Temperature can make the color appear slightly different from batch to batch, while the design may also vary. Small pockets of air may form from a thick batter being poured. It does not affect the quality of the soap in the least! You may also witness “soda ash,” a harmless powder-like substance that forms when new soap meets air or has a rapid drop in temperature. This will completely disappear during the soap’s first use.


Will your handmade soaps and lotions treat my condition?

Absolutely no claims are made on product capabilities. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated statements. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I encourage you to read about the ingredients these products contain to decide your skincare. All ingredients are listed for this purpose. If you have any allergies, please read our ingredient list thoroughly. Some products DO feature ingredients such as milk, almond, essential oils, or fragrances. If you have any uncertainty, please contact a medical professional for guidance. If you experience any irritation, discontinue use right away!

What are body butters, and how is it different from creams and lotions?

Body butters or balms contain only butters and oils, whereas body creams or lotions contain water and lesser amounts of oils. As a result, the consistency of body butters is solid until it hits some body heat.


My body butter melted, what should I do?

Don't panic! Our butter is made with natural products; therefore, the melting is normal when shipped or stored in extreme temperatures. To resolve, simply refrigerate your butter until it solidifies (usually takes 30 minutes to an hour), remove it from the fridge, and store it in a cool place for 30-40 minutes. The butter will return to a softer application.

What is the difference between essential oil and fragrance oil?

Essential oils are purely extracted from their source and have therapeutic effects. Fragrance oils are synthetically created for the scent but are safe for use on the skin. If you find your skin easily irritated by fragrance, essential oil might be a great alternative for you! Our products formulated with essential oils are suitable for sensitive skin, though you should always consult with your doctor if you’re unsure!

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